Barons - Freyherrn
Coats of arms of Chrieching FH, Criechingen FH, Dorstweiler FH, Flachstein FH, Leipp FH, Leskovetz FH, Polveil FH, Rupa FH, Schellenberg FH, Schenck FH, Schencken FH, Schinsky FH, Schwartzenberg FH
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Chrieching FHFlachstein FHPolveil FHSchenck FHSchwartzenberg FH
Criechingen FHLeipp FHRupa FHSchencken FH
Dorstweiler FHLeskovetz FHSchellenberg FHSchinsky FH

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These ancient German Coats of Arms may have belonged to your ancestors. The Heraldic Crests are a colorful addition to your genealogy or family history.